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Improving Data Discovery through Wikidata

*Maps Re-imagined: Digital, Informational, and Perceptional Experimentations in Progress* ~~~~~ Authors: Tyng-Ruey Chuang; Chih-Chuan Hsu; Huang-Sin Syu. Organization: Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica. Address: 128, Academia Road, Section 2, Nangang 115, Taipei City, Taiwan. Contact: Date: 2019-04-30. Version: An abstract prepared for and presented at [Digital Humanities 2019: Complexities]( (July 2019, Utrecht, the Nethe... [More]

Maps Re-imagined (Abstract)

*Collaboration in Soundscape Monitoring: A Use Case for Research Data Management* Presented at the Soundscape Conference, ISGC 2019 2019-04-01, Taipei, Taiwan Tyng-Ruey Chuang, Cheng-Jen Lee, and Chia-Hsun Wang Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan Abstract: We will first provide an overview of *depositar* which is a research data repository built on top of CKAN, an open source software package originally developed for publishing open (government) data. Several features have been added to *dep... [More]

Collaboration in Soundscape Monitoring

*[Note: This slideset was prepared for a talk given at the [2018 Road Ecology and Data Analysis Conference][0] on June 20, 2018, at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. A recording of the (not very well given) talk can be found [online][2].]* We will provide an overview of a research data repository developed at the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. The repository itself is built upon and extended from CKAN, an open source software package originally developed by the Open Knowledge ... [More]

Development of A Research Data Repository 研究資料寄存所的發展

註:全文刊於《檔案半年刊》,第 16 卷,第2期,2017 年 12 月 。 <> **當代事件之記憶:318 公民運動文物紀錄典藏庫之建立** 莊庭瑞 中央研究院 資訊科學研究所 副研究員 曾沅芷 中央研究院 資訊科技創新研究中心 研究助理 **摘要** 在西元(以下同)2014 年 3 月 18 日的晚間,學生與社運人士們突擊並佔領了台灣立法院的議場。這個事件引爆整起 318 公民運動(太陽花公民運動),昭示了一個台灣歷史的轉捩點。中央研究院的研究員們在抗爭行動和平落幕之前,設法取得了議場內的所有支援物件與檔案材料。在這篇短文,我們討論了將當代事件中由數千名參與者創造的大量文物予以典藏,並向公眾開放的相關議題。本文將展示一項設計來鼓勵參與者在典藏庫指認其所有物件的系統。也說明一項可親近的典藏目錄系統,如何能夠幫助大眾述說自己的故事,而能集體強化公眾對此公民運動的記憶。(本文翻譯自第一作者發表於 2017 年數位人文國際... [More]

318 公民運動文物紀錄典藏庫之建立 Setting Up The Sunflower Movement Archive

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