Hehuanshan 2016 by trc

Recently I organize a two-day retreat at Hehuanshan for some people I have the fortune to work with. In the past people close to the lab usually had a yearly (overnight) trekking. People took turns in organizing the trips; this year is the first time I did this for the group. It is about time too, as this probably is the last retreat. I sent out quite a few e-mail messages, but not that many responded. About 10 people went for the trip on August 22 and 23, 2016.

Most of the people joining for the retreat this year are involved in the TaiRON project. They are from Academia Sinica (IIS & Biodiv), TESRI, and Word Gleaner. As such, a part of the retreat is for them to discuss TaiRON business and to plan for its next phase. TESRI is very kind to provide the facility at its High Altitude Experimental Station at Hehuanshan (location and photo) for lodging and meeting. Of course it is not the purpose of this short note to write about the meeting.

In the morning of August 22, those of us from Academia Sinica and World Gleaner gathered at the THSR Taichung Station, rented a car (a diesel-powered nine-seater Starex), and drove to Puli to join those from TESRI . Together we did some shopping. We would cook for ourselves in Hehuanshan for the two days. The station's cook was on a sick leave. We also lunched at Puli. The drive from Pulin to Hehuanshan was pleasant and uneventful. We stopped at Kunyang just before reaching the station. The view there was clear and magnificent.

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