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Difficult Space: Old Gravesites in Taiwan

Difficult Space: Old Gravesites in Taiwan

The Fourth International Conference on Documenting and Researching Gravesites in Pacific Asia: Migration, Religion and Ethnicity (DRGPA 2019)

May 17-19, 2019, Taipei
台北,2019 年 5 月 17-19 日

Old gravesites pose difficult questions about their places in Taiwan, where already since years, cremation has replaced earth burial as the most common form of burial. Land plots for old gravesites have been re-zoned and cleared out to make room for new projects. Issues have been raised about whether and how old gravesites shall be preserved. We contemplate the nature of these issues, and wish to suggest ways to navigate this difficult space. In particular, we need to address the questions of what the gravesites are preserved for and for whom. Re-establishing old gravesites as the places for collective memory making -- reusing them for new burials, for example -- could be a long-term strategy for preservation.

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Taipei · 台北 · Tainan · 台南

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